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past tour dates  2022

2/22 Hilton Grand Vacations Hawaii

2/25 Kona Brew Pub

2/26 Palm Springs Roadhouse 

2/27 Hideout Saloon 

3/3 Carlees Borrego

3/4 Lemmon Grove VHW Post

3/5 Springs of Borrego

3/7 Aquarius Club

3/11 Desert Trip Event Taft

3/12 FERRO

3/14 Coachella Stables 

3/17 FERRO

3/18 The Field Pub

3/19 Descanso Junction

319 The Propeller Club

3/20 Harrahs Casino 

3/25 The Landing 

3/26 Palm Springs Roadhouse

5/7 West Point Bar 

5/8 Saphire Room

5/13 Dirty Shame

5/14 Intersection Bar

5/20 Seven Devils Saloon

5/22 Private Event

5/27 American Legion Cascade

5/28 Ironwoods

6/3 Street Vibrations Reno

6/4 Street Vibrations Reno

6/5 Street Vibrations Reno

6/7 Crustys Tamarack 

6/8 Crustys McCall

6/10 The West Point Bar

6/11 Harley’s Pub

6/17 Seven Devils Saloon

6/18 Parma Ridge 

6/19 Meadow Creek Golf Course 

6/24 Seven Devils Saloon

6/25 Copper Lounge

6/26 Lakefront Bar 

7/1 One Shot Charlie’s 

7/2 One Shot Charlie’s 

7/3 The Establishment 

7/4 Brundage Ski Resort

7/5 The Scandia 

7/7 In-Cahoots

7/8 Ironwoods 

7/9 Harleys Pub

7/10 Dirty Shame

7/15 Osprey Club House

7/16 Parma Ridge Winery

7/22 Lopez Islander Resort

7/23 Lopez Islander Resort

7/24 Orcas Island Arts Theatre 

7/28 Legs Diamond, Whistler 

7/29 Wine Girl Wines 

7/30 Riviera Club Anderson Island. 

8/5 The Establishment

8/6 Mackey’s Public House

8/7 Private Event 

8/11 Salmon River Brewery

8/12 Seven Devils Saloon 

8/13 A&T Party 

8/14 Lakefront Grill 

8/16 McCall Ludwig Terrace 

8/20 Parma Ridge Winery

8/26 Lakefront Bar 

8/27 The Intersection 

9/3 Palm Springs Roadhouse 

9/9 My Generation Gala Event San Diego

9/10 San Diego VFW 

9/14 Aquarius Club

Lucky Tongue

A rock band formed by three individuals with a true passion for music. Ever since banding together in 2000, they have been privileged to share their devotion to music and live performance with fans all over the world, performing over 1,600 shows, and counting in 2022. With many music releases signed under the label Zealatone, the band continues to create and perform new music, as well as create a dynamic live show. A show composed of music that’s well-known by all ages. Lucky Tongue performs revered songs that are not often heard or experienced live, a welcoming shift from the traditional cover band song selection. These songs are brimming with new electrifying energy and spirit, bringing an unexpected and exciting experience to the audience. The band holds a strong position as a three-piece, manifesting a large sound, consistently woven with brilliant harmony and backing vocals. 
This popular trio is often accompanied by a keyboardist, string duet, and even three vibrant dancing girls. This means the show can be tailored to fit any budget or event.

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©2022 by Lucky Tongue. 

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PO Box 198900

PMB 307
Hawi, HI 96719


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