Lucky Tongue performs a variety of exciting, upbeat, party and dance songs, incorporating Pop, Rock, and Soul, with layered vocal harmonies. Lucky Tongue excels in creating an exciting atmosphere for festivals, corporate events, weddings, rallies, or party functions. Testimonials can be seen here.


The band contributes their professional and polished sound to their many years of musicianship and entertaining together.  

Recently Lucky Tongue published an original collection of 14 songs with a distinct and inviting sound. On the bands first tour to the United Kingdom their song “You” was met with an unprecedented popularity. The audience approval has kept them busy over the last seven years performing over 1,200 shows. 

Last year the band launched a campaign to proclaim the majestic value of 19 renown songs, drawing attention to the content, spirit and message  of the writers. These songs are recorded with a contemporary flavor and cunning edge that appeals to a wide audience. Its an inspirational theatre show with a ten piece cast. The show is called My Generation


Performed in a live theatrical setting. The atmosphere rises to a climactic ending where each song reveals its relative connection to one another. “My Generation” is an exposition of the genius art written, produced, and performed by Lucky Tongue.